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Welcome to R & R Productions, Inc. Our mission is to work together to achieve good health and a sense of well being for our clients and communities.

Stress affects a person's health on or off the job. Responses to stress can have temporary or long-term harmful medical conditions. Reports show that stress costs U.S. businesses more than $200 billion a year in productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover, accidents, compensation claims, health insurance and medical expenses.

Realizing the losses and the skyrocketing health care costs, many associations and businesses have implemented various wellness programs such as exercise classes, and on-site seated massage therapy to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

R & R Productions, Inc. can help you promote better health for your employees and/or attendees at your next convention, tradeshow or conference.

Call or e-mail R & R Productions Inc. today. We will work with you for a program that fits your needs.

In Good Health,

Lillian C. Pounds
R & R Productions, Inc.

R & R Productions Inc., Revitalize, Renew, Rejoice Rejuvenate
Revitalize   Renew   Rejoice   Rejuvenate   

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